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Some of our best selling Australian Grown fish

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One of the most popular fish in the world, our Australian Grown Comets offer exceptional quality and value. Bred on our 300 acre purpose built farm in Maroon, Southern QLD.



Pisces Aquatic's Australian Grown Shubunkin are bred from genetically superior broodstock.
Our selection process insures our fish are strong, colourful and healthy.



Angel fish belong to the Cichlid family originating from South America.They are a popular aquarium fish with a unique shape and colours.



Pisces Aquatics Angels have been selected from quality breeding stock from over four generations of outstanding specimens.



Siamese Fighting Fish, or Betta splendens, are hardy, beautiful fish that are available in many colours and varieties. One of the most popular fish kept worldwide due their minimal care requirements.


Half Moon

Betta's can be kept in small tanks with no filtration and are able to breathe air from the surface of an aquarium owing to a specialised organ known as the LabyrinthOrgan. which are perfect for front of tank layouts and more.


Assorted Peacocks

African Cichlids Originating from Africa, mainly the African Great Lakes, Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Victoria. African Cichlids are hardy and brightly coloured .



American Cichlids can be divided into 2 groups, American Cichlids and Dwarf American Cichlids, originating from South, Central and North America. American Cichlids are generally territorial, aggressive and get to a large size.


Blue Neon

The Guppy is one of the world’s most widely distributed aquarium fish and is originally from the north east of South America.They are available in many different colours. Guppies are peaceful and make great community fish.


Red Dragon

Pisces Aquatics Guppies are bred by our in house marine biologists and Sri Lankan Guppy specialists making them the best Guppies available in Australia.



There are many different species of Tetra, originating from Africa, Central America and South America. Tetras are extremely popular in aquaria, brightly coloured and relatively easy to keep.


Black Neon

Tetras are generally schooling fish and prefer to be kept in groups of 5 or more in planted aquariums. Tetras are an outstanding addition for those looking for spectacular colour and movement.


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